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Default Should the situation in Iran....

Be a warning for us to rebuild our navy which has been depleted by successive governments?

I know we are part of Nato and work as a combined force but we should still have the capacity to engage in multiple theatres of war simultaneously.

We do have two new aircraft carriers but if war with Iran became a reality and they ended up deployed to the region then hypothetically another nation could take advantage,Say a Falklands 2.0 situation.We should imo be committing more than 2% of GDP into our military in these tense times.
We donít want to be caught out.
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yes, i think our navy is much too small now. I remember during the falklands that even then we really didnt have enough capacity and we had much more then. As I recall we had to compulsory take lots af civil ships, including the QE2 to augment the fleet. Now, we just couldnt deal with another falklands type event

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Yes I do.
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Yes. We should be building up all our armed services after they were stripped to the bone.
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