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Default 'Step down from your throne': Democrat Tulsi Gabbard tells Hilary Clinton

Clinton woman causing trouble , again.

Back in 2016 with Bernie.

[Democratic presidential hopeful
Tulsi Gabbard, 38, shared another video
attacking Hillary Clinton on Tuesday
In the clip she slams the former
Secretary of Stateís foreign policy as a 'disaster'
She accused Clinton of trying to
continue to influence policy through
the next Democratic nominee and warned,
'Step down from your throne'
On Friday Clinton implied Gabbard
was being used by Russia while speaking
on a podcast with former Barack Obama
aide David Plouffe

Gabbard, meanwhile, claimed
Hillary Clinton was attacking her
because she endorsed Bernie Sanders
in the 2016 presidential election ]
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they have traced russian bots that are supporting Gabbard, so Hillary's claim has foundation.
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Hilary isn’t lying though, there’s a reason the Russians and the Republicans are favouring Tulsi and a reason she’s so unpopular with Democrats.
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