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View Poll Results: Who do you want to win
Kandy 0 0%
Rosť 7 46.67%
Gotmik 3 20.00%
Symonť 5 33.33%
Voters: 15. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Who do you want to win S13?


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Symone because I have taste.

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I'd honestly be happy with Symone or Rose. Content with Got winning also.

Kandy winning would be a HUGE let down.
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Rosť would be my first pick but I’d be very happy with a Symone win too.
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Gotmik, id be happy with Rose winning, perfectly fine with a Symone win, I’d set my ****ing tv on fire if Kandy won.
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I'm at peace with anyone but Kandy winning.
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I am honestly happy with any of the 3 who deserve it. My hate for Kandy has dampened but not enough to write her out of the running (plus common sense prevails when she has...1 win... and a pretty bad run).

Symone has been my favourite since the start though... I think they'll crown Gottmik to make the show seem more progressive (plus they would deserve it anyway)

Originally Posted by Saph View Post
You're giving me a million reasons about a million reasons

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Originally Posted by Daniel-X View Post
Rosť would be my first pick but Iíd be very happy with a Symone win too.

I wouldnít be mad at Gottmik winning though theyíre not my first pick.
For me to be 100% fine with Gottmik winning, they would have to kill the finale because right now Iím missing a little something, that edge I see in previous winners. If that makes sense.
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Rose deserves it but we all know she doesn’t stand a chance.
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RosŤ and Symone are my top pick. I was against Gotmik winning over the last weeks until this last episode. And Kandy better not.
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Symone is my winner but I’ll be happy with Gottmik winning
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