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Default If money was no object , what hobbies would you have?

I would say travelling the world
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RIP Nick Kamen.
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I'd be at bingo every single day.



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id site met office standard hourly reporting weather stations in every town in Scotland over 1000 people

plus in another 5000 locations
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If I had the resources and time, I'd probably try picking up new skills and hiring the best teachers I could to teach me. I'd try to learn how to draw, learn an instrument, pick up a new language or two etc.

I'd probably get into designing houses and stuff as well, if I had enough money, I'd buy a plot of land and have a house built upon it, maybe an island instead where I could build up a paradise that was all my own.
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Originally Posted by Kate! View Post
I'd be at bingo every single day.
What for?

You only play bingo to win money and the point of this is that money is no object.

You silly Billy!
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Travel the world also


Originally Posted by GiRTh View Post
You compare Jim Davidson to Nelson Mandela?
Originally Posted by Jesus. View Post
I know, how stupid? He's more like Gandhi.

Originally Posted by Isaiah 7:14 View Post

Katie Hopkins reveals epilepsy made her suicidal - and says she identifies as a MAN
Originally Posted by Livia View Post
Just because she is a giant cock, doesn't make her a man.
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hobbies, money, object

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