Big Brother 2023 - ITV2 Big Brother UK (BB20) started October 8th 2023 on ITV2 and ITVX.

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Default The Editing Style

The thing that made me straight up give up on C5 BB was the TOWIE-style, obnoxious music montage-style editing. I know this started with CBB7/BB11 but C5 amped it up to cringe levels.

I really, really want the presentation and editing to go back to a minimalistic, formal, almost documentary-style. Big Brother is reality TV, so we should be able to absorb the real atmosphere present instead of having it be changed with random placement of music. I disliked it when C4 started adding music on eviction exits, also. I also really hope they don't start messing with the chronology of when housemates are speaking in the diary room - that should be shown in order rather than intercut between situations they're in.

What's old is new, and so I think BB would stand out more if it adopted a "colder" editing style to make it feel more real and grounded rather than fake and plastic.

What do you think?
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