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Default A Message From Beyond for Kerry and her pet Turtle

I have been told to pass this message on from a great warrior called John Locke:

To Kerry and her Turtle, I, Sir Locke, have managed to escape that silly dungeon of yours and will be returning in two days time to take my revenge. Turtle, on my arrival I will be smashing your shell to pieces you horrible stinking beast. As for you Kerry, you will be getting mauled by Basil. There are a string of warriors on stand-by awaiting my orders to take you both down and may the lord be with you if I decide to give them the order. I am going to give you one last chance to reverse this ban, and I will consider not smashing your shell, Turtle.

- Lord Locke.

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Dear Warrior Locke.


We shall see you in 2 days time. Yours faithfully. The Horrid turtle.

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Originally Posted by MTVN

Anyway there's an explanation and I don't really appreciate your tone. It's very aggressive so I'm going to close this, sorry for killing the internet mate

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