The X Factor 2011 UK [S8] Series 8 of ITV's music reality show, The X Factor with judges Gary, Tulisa, Kelly and Louis.

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Default Apparently Cheryl signs contract

Cheryl Cole has reportedly signed a deal worth around £10m to become a judge on the US version of The X Factor.

The Girls Aloud singer has been subject to much speculation over her place on the show, but Simon Cowell is said to have finally persuaded US TV executives to give her a slot on the panel.

"Simon is the boss of this show," a source told the News of the World. "He gets what he wants and he wants Cheryl. The money you make on American TV is huge, but there's also a huge risk.

"The way American contracts are gives Fox the chance to opt out if viewers don't take to her. But Simon won't let that happen."

Cole is expected to use the show as a springboard for a music career in America: "As soon as it's announced she's going to be a judge the plan will be to launch her music career in the States," the source added.

"It's important Americans realise she's a credible music star if she's going to be judging other singers."

Meanwhile, Cowell is now trying to arrange for both Cole and himself to star on the US and UK versions of the singing competition simultaneously.

Credible music star? She mimes to a computerised voice fgs.
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Pathetic and a joke that she will become a judge on US X Factor.. Even Dannii Minogue can sing better than Chezza

Most Americans are stupid and will be dilluded in all the crap Chezza has to offer.

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I just find it completely embarrassing. The have all sorts of credible singer and artists and they'll be thinking
"Here's that mega UK star we've heard so much about, let's see what the fuss was about"

Then out she comes miming to a very mediocre pop song, and when she's talking they can't understand a word. lol

You can tell though that Cheryl herself knows she can't sing for ****, so the fact that she's actually putting herself in that position in America either tells us she's a fame hungry ***** or has very big balls.

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BB14 USA: Britney


I can see her being loved in America and then deciding to stay out there permanently. It happened to Cat Deeley.
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She is so bland
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