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the truth
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Default yes-scumbag nurses struck off

under labour bad nurses got away with murder time and again

why? well they are the biggest union in the UK so labour couldn't dare criticize nurses, that and the politically correct straight jacket labour built for itself

now the disgusting neglect abuse and 100s of unneccesary deaths at Stafford and many other places have been exposed....these nurses weren't just cold uncaring, unprofessional, it seems they were abusive, obtuse, cruel and racist

now nurses are getting struck off

Im just hoping 100s more get found out, weeded out struck off and imprisoned.
yes theres many great nurses but
everyone has been at the hands of a useless nurses, yet have never had an avenue to vent their tragic situations and massive frustrations
in my own experience ive witnessed disgusting nurses neglecting their duties. it makes me sick to think about it

this all happened under labours watch...WHEN THEY PUMPED IN BILLIONS OF EXTRA MONEY AND STAFF SO THAT CANNOT BE USED AS AN EXCUSE TO HID BEHIND...many of these people died of thirst? literally weren't even given water to drink?.these nurses are scum

im ashamed as a labour voter to see how labour helped create this nightmare where targets mattered more than people and that stories were buried underneath political agendas, trade unions and political correctness
Ive written to ann Clwyd to support her campaign to improve care
these nurses need to be struck off to allow innocent people a better chance and to allow the majority of good nurses to do their job more easily

25000 people died of blood clots they picked up in hospitals last year that they didn't have when they arrive din hospital?

bravo to all those who fought and continue to fight for justice for patients....
and to those who think Im sexist for daring to mention this again and to criticize nurses, may I point out, many of these nurses are men too and that over 50% of the neglected patients are women. this poision has gone on far far far far far too long
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