BB14 Channel 5's Big Brother: Secrets and Lies (aka Big Brother 14) started June 13th 2013 and was won by Sam Evans.

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BB14: Dexter
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Default Planning the perfect big brother

I've been thinking about ideas to make big brother perfect by modifying every aspect to it and I have came up with what would be perfect for me.
Theme Tune = A summer thing - Cayucas (To lighten it up a bit!)
14 weeks long (101 days to fit the theme of 1984)
Nominations are to save
Vote to Save (More likely to get bores out)
16 house mates original
8 new house mates
Host of Main show = Katherine Jakeways (You should check her out on BB7 BBLB)
Host of Big Brother's Big Mouth = Russell Brand
Host of BBLB = Iain Lee
Host of Big Brother's Breakfast = Steve Allen (Radio Presenter)
Host of Big Brother's Big Question = Paul Morely
Host of Big Brother's Big Quiz = Emma Willis
Host of Big Brother's Big Brain = Iain Lee
Diary Room Uncut
Host of Big Brother Eviction = Katherine Jakeways

Info on spin-off shows:
Big Brother's Big Mouth = Exactly the same as BB7's big mouth

BBLB = Exactly the same as BB7's BBLB and other series similar. 6 days a week, 1/2 hour on weekdays 19:00-19:30. 1 hour on Sundays 12:00-13:00

Big Brother's Breakfast = Steve Allen chats to producers about what they have planned the day ahead over breakfast and occasionally a challenge inside the house for a member of the public. And a recap of the night before. What makes this show different is that there are no special guests as it's too early in the morning (07:00-07:30 weekdays)

Big Brother's Big Question = A highly structured debate between members of the public. Where the public supporting one evictee will sit on one side and for the other evictee will sit on the other side, Paul will go round asking why the certain person should be evicted or saved and a debating expert will announce the winner of the debate at the end.

Big Brother's Big Brain = Another BB7 copycat. That series had the best spin-off shows. (Tuesdays 19:30-20:00)

Big Brother Quiz = To find the biggest fan of big brother there will be a series of rounds (1st round, 2nd round, quarter-finals, semi-finals, final) until the ultimate fan will be crowned and they will be able to replace Marcus Bentley on the episode after the final because no one cares about that episode, and a chance to meet the BB team, go in the house and become a camera man. Sundays (19:00-19:30)

Diary room uncut = Same, (Wednesdays, Saturdays and Mondays) 00:00-00:30

Big Brother Eviction = Same old format (22:30-23:00)

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays - Highlight shows are 1/2 hour
Fridays - 1 hour
No highlights show on Saturday
Sundays - 1 hour (Saturday and Sunday merged together to boost ratings)

Every day there is a "token task" where housemates will divide and compete in a task against each other, the winning team will win 1 token where they can exchange for a small bonus like a chocolate bar or a tennis ball for 1 day or they can save up for something like a phone call to their family (15 tokens), immunity from nomination (20 tokens) or the ultimate one: a stay in the luxury bedroom for a week (25 tokens)

Instead of a shopping tasks there will be Haves and Have nots where again they will compete against each other and the losers will only be able to have porridge, no access to the hot tub, have to sleep in the have nots bedroom where the lights are on permanently and it is worse than a prison cell. If they break these rules they will be sent to the slammer. A room where there is no furniture and annoying sounds like a baby crying will be played repeatedly, you can also be sent there if you break other rules

If you've managed to read that then I love you and if you have any ideas it would be great to hear them,

Edit - Prize Money = £50,000
Big Brother Favourites:
BB6 = Science
BB7 = Shahbaz
BB10 = Freddie
BB12 = Harry
BB13 = Deana

BB14 = Dexter

Supporting Courtney, Charlotte and Louise

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