Big Brother 16 [Summer 2015] Channel 5's BB16 aka Big Brother: Timebomb started 12th May 2015, and was won by Chloe Wilburn. Discuss the housemates and show in this forum.

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Default Clever game move? (Getting Eileen out)

I mean he did get rid of a formidable opponent tonight

Intentionally or not.

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I don't think he's that smart
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Doubt it-because as soon as hes up hes OUT!
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BB19: Sian


he was making himself the only oldie, that was a calculated move, so he got what he planned. Eileen was his first choice to go up for nomination, so secretely he will be thinking - job done
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I suppose it was a clever game move.

If the game you are playing is called "surefire ways to get evicted".
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Devious Simon saw Eileen as his stumbling block to winning. That garbage about Eileen's life bring halfway over - what an ageist creep.
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Simon to do an Helen and win.
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