Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2015 [CBB 16] Celebrity Big Brother 2015 (CBB16) aka 'CBB: UK vs USA' started on Channel 5 on August 27th 2015. Discuss the series here.

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Default Completely erased?

Iīm not completely certain, but i donīt think i saw her on any of the clips that were shown in final?

Or heard any mention of her at all.

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They showed her walking down the stairs.
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it showed her walking down the stairs but taht's it, she did get shown a lot in the highlights whilst she was in though
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I don't see what's the point of mentioning her, they didn't want her to be associated with their show despite the reminder of her existence on the bedroom wall paper but Tila wasn't really in the "best bits" was she?
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The whole debacle was an epic fail from C5.
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completely, erased, tequila, tila

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