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Default Sim Brother TWIST

Hi everyone!
A few months ago I showed you my 'The Sims 3' version of 'Big Brother' called "Promi Sim Brother".

Now I'm working on another series and this time it's called "TWIST", where nothing is as it seems to be and anything can happen.

The show is Polish-language and I'm not going to translate it in the future because my English isn't good enough, sorry.
But I just wanted to show you the eye, the housemates, the house and all the graphics.
BBUK is my main inspiration and as you can see the house is very similiar to what we had in 'Timebomb' series, I mean floor plan mainly.
Hope you enjoy that and I'd really appreciate your opinions.

Youtube video
Click to view this video on Youtube

(click to enlarge)

My YouTube channel: Guuki


Other stuff:

Greetings from Poland!
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I love the design of the house

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It's really good! The house layout in the video feels a lot like the real one and the garden is really accurate. I like the spinning eye too.

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It's a shame that you won't translate it into English... I think it would make you audience much bigger if you did.
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Love the eye!

Like how it's spins. You're English seems great from your posts.
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