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Default Tim Dormer was nearly a housemate on Big Brother Australia 2012 (rather than 2013).

He was just discussing it on the BBCAN live feeds - he said that he had been doing some radio work before moving down to Sydney, seeing an ad for the return of Big Brother and applying for the first Channel 9 series (BBAU 2012). He then said that he had to drive around 10 miles to the nearest airport so that the production team could fly him out the Gold Coast (where the BB house is based). He said that he went through the photoshoots and interviews before being turned down as a housemate that year.

He also said that after that he moved on to his next radio show that made him redundant then the feeds cut off (but I assume that he went on to say that he then re-applied).

Interesting that he originally applied for the series before - it could have been very different.


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He mentioned this in a video he posted on YouTube after he had come out of the house... He said that the producers felt that he would be too controversial for the first series of a reboot.
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