Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2016 [CBB 18] Discuss the series won by Stephen Bear here.

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Dare I say it...he seems to be one of the bores. Don't recall seeing him at all except for the ghastly rap about himself
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always cook meals, i did have chinese takeaways the year before the corona **** happened
but now not into takeaways anymore
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Did you get them delivered from Wuhan?
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I would just like to take a second to congratulate Vicky, for creating the first Tibb post that needed chapters and a bibliography.
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Mystic Mock
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His more likable on this show, but more entertaining on BBUSA imo.

He helped takeout the bores who hated the fact that a game was being played on a gameshow.
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He's being surprisingly tolerable.

It won't last.
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The Italian Job
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Originally Posted by Lostie! View Post
He's being surprisingly tolerable.

It won't last.
I think he's really sweet
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He's a bit self absorbed so far but I'm waiting for a bit more...I'm sure there will be.
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Originally Posted by Amy Jade View Post
Gina was an awful jealous bully too but you stan so I'll give Frankie a chance
The things that he said on bbus are beyond Conor level of abhorrent.

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bad, frankie

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