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Default Rank 2016

8 for me.

Overall it was a pretty decent year for me and I enjoyed it more than 2015. The first half was much better than the second half though (ironic given my favourite time of the year is in the second half) but I really enjoyed the earlier months from January-April. The summer was nice too. Autumn was great as always (albeit it flew by so quickly) and Christmas and the buildup to it was good. The only things really that bring the year down and stop it from being higher are Brexit/Trump and all the celebrities we lost (especially in the past week) </3. Plus the last week of the year was kinda depressing too.

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On a personal level, 6.

The last couple of months have been quite tough for me, I've been faced with several obstacles that I'm still facing as of now but in contrast I've had a special someone there for me that's made it so much easier and I'm eternally thankful to him.

I've learned a lot this year, and I've never taken any of it for granted.

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Can I get a witness?
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It was fine until our Pete died
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I'll give it a 7.

I ADORED the first part of the year Jan-June, July and August were cute and then it's been kinda **** since September
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Ruined by a disasterous third quarter which killed GORGEOUS Pete and Carrie

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like the boys
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I agree, it was pretty rank


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A strong 5
Originally Posted by montblanc View Post
weird ass british language
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I have been a bit harsh maybe.

- My niece being born
- Month or two (in total) spent at Ninastar's which were a lot of fun.
- Rio 2016 was great all around
- Music's been brilliant (albums-wise anyway)
- TV and Films have been good too, and most reality TV series have been excellent (we'll ignore TXF and CBB18)
- Christmas was rather nice (but then when isn't it?)

- Didn't feel like I really did anything with it...just the odd bit of work here and there and no real progress.
- Losing basically my icon 10 days into it
- Losing another one in Prince
- All of the other deaths... yes yes they're just celebrities etc but forgive me for being overly empathetic...
- Trump/Hillary
- Brexit/Theresa/Boris/Gove/Farage
- Euro 2016 (really boring tournament aside from a few underdog moments)
- Eurovision was a bit naff

Originally Posted by Saph View Post
You're giving me a million reasons about a million reasons

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Oh yeah I agree with TV and Film being good (the first half of the year in particular was great for cinema)
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2016, rank

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