Celebrity Big Brother January 2017 [CBB 19] CBB 19 [All Stars and New Stars] was won by Coleen Nolan.

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Default Ray J "tried to smuggle phone up his bum into the house"

Speaking to his fellow housemates in the house yesterday (Friday), Ray J revealed how he had attempted to sneak a phone into the house.

And he had hit it up his BUM just before entering during Tuesday night's launch.

He spilled to the housemates: "I took it out of my butt crack.

"I wiped it off and put in a garbage bag because it had been in my butt crack and then I gave it to the producers."

Ray J is one of fifteen celebrity housemates on this year's Celebrity Big Brother cast.

The singer previously dated Kim Kardashian and back in 2007 appeared in a leaked sex tape with her that hit the internet.

Show bosses were reportedly in talks to get Ray - who is cousin to fellow music star Snoop Dogg - to appear on Celebrity Big Brother for a while.

A 'CBB source' told The Sun newspaper previously: “Bosses are over the moon with how the negotiations are going.

“Kim is one of the biggest celebrities in the world and they were never going to get her but booking Ray J means they’ll get someone with proper insight into what goes on behind closed doors."

According to TMZ, Ray's deal is worth a cool $1 million which works out just over £800,000 at the time of writing.

In addition, he's also been given a $30,000 allowance for flights and hotels while in the UK.

If true it's potentially the biggest fee EVER for a CBB housemate, with previous payouts including £500,000 for Jedward, £400,000 for Katie Price and £600,000 for Daivd Gest.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.
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Seeing this thread title on the board actually made me laugh. But I dont believe its true, I mean if it was he wouldnt have been able to talk....

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bet it smells good.
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Up his bum and in his butt crack are two totally different places, he would need to more than wipe the pesky thing before I would touch it.
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was it a 7 or 7 plus?

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well he does talk out his arse
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Saw the clip on BBBOTS...he does make me laugh.
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