Big Brother Canada Big Brother Canada 9 started 3th March 2021.

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Who, Douglas?
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Favourites (more):
BBUSA22: Janelle
Love Island 5: Curtis
BBCanada 7: Eddie
BB19: Akeem

Theres ZERO way Talla would have won BBCAN1, I swear they did a poll and Emmett and Gary had like 42 percent, and Talla and Jillian had like 8 percent each in the final 4. Like it was a landslide.

Anyway Who I think;

BBCAN1; Emmett, Gary, Peter
BBCAN2; Jon, Neda, Heather
BBCAN3; Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin
BBCAN4; Cassandra, Nikki, Tim
BBCAN5; Ika, Kevin, Demetres

Sadly Kevin has had the underdog edit for the whole second half of the season and the casuals love him [He almost won the Neda immunity thing weirdly enough - so he'd no doubt be top 2, wouldn't be completely suprised if he beat Ika, but think the superfans would edge it for her]
Douglasís Love Island season 5 least faves: Yewande, Anna, Jourdan, Joanna and Lavena

New Love Island least faves: Kaz, Tyler, Faye, Sharon, Rachel

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Yeah I thought Emmett was more popular than Talla anyway.
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Favourites (more):
BB18: Chanelle
BBCanada 5: Kevin
CBB18: Stephen Bear
BB OTT: Alex


Who I think would have been top 3 (assuming the final 2 can't win this prize):

BBCAN1: Emmett, Talla and Alec (?) - Emmett wins
BBCAN2: Neda, Heather and Adel - Neda wins
BBCAN3: Kevin, Brittnee and Naeha - Kevin wins
BBCAN4: Mitch, Nikki and Cassandra - Cassandra wins
BBCAN5: Ika, Demetres and Gary - Ika wins

The Thorn Cottage Crew
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