BB18 Big Brother 18 UK was shown on Channel 5 in June and July 2017, and was won by Isabelle with Raph second. Discuss the series here.

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Default If Imran and Sukvindah are playing a game plan would they have said this?

Imran saying we got our Nigerian sisters and then the rest are just white -

Surely if you had a game plan - you wouldn't say that? Im just asking because I don't have a clue if they are playing a game - this like seems like such a stupid thing to say if you expect respect from the public!

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they might be going for the black vote by showing solidarity or maybe they have race cards to play. sucky allready brought it up bu got closed down by rebecca. hard to figure their game plan out.
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If you have a gameplan, you don't say you have one because it's gonna make some housemates not trust you. That was the first downfall in Raph's plan
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No gameplan.They're just fecking idiots,flat earthers and probably closet racists imo
"And remember: they canít undo the decision we take.

"If we vote out, thatís it.

"It is irreversible.

"We will leave Europe Ė for good.
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It seemed to me that they want create a divide purely as a game playing angle like the insiders/outsiders kind of thing, Suki keeps banging on about going in to make a what I not sure, but agreeing with hubby that the house is a reflection on society where they are outnumbered by whites isn't helping to make any difference to anything, again with wine gate they took themselves off rather than addressing the group with Imran shouting this is a domestic between me and my other words we want all the camera time
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