BB18 Big Brother 18 UK was shown on Channel 5 in June and July 2017, and was won by Isabelle with Raph second. Discuss the series here.

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BBUSA17: John


He obviously wasn't suited for the house.
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Arthur was relentless bullied by the vile gang, just like Shahbaz was. And, just like with Shahbaz, BB let the bullies win.
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Originally Posted by Stefan Rivers View Post
So relieved Arthur is gone cause it was shaping up into a Arthur vs the house similar to how it was Bear vs the house, became boring
You have a point here. I loved him up until tonight, but some of his behaviour in the highlights show reminded me too much of Bear and did have the potential to become boring.

However, I was hoping he might pull it back rather than walking as I was enjoying his interactions with Raph, Lotan and Joe. I'm disappointed.
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Really annoyed that he has gone. Just makes spiteful Tom and Kayleigh 'win' tbh.
Originally Posted by Nicky91 View Post
always cook meals, i did have chinese takeaways the year before the corona **** happened
but now not into takeaways anymore
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Did you get them delivered from Wuhan?
Originally Posted by Toy Soldier View Post
I would just like to take a second to congratulate Vicky, for creating the first Tibb post that needed chapters and a bibliography.
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BBUSA22: Janelle


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He left in his prime

I like him now but another week or so of this I probably would've started to get annoyed at the show centring around him
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I'm catching up now, watching friday episode. Cracked me up his come back on suki "don't walk to far that way" was hilarious.
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Originally Posted by Northern Monkey View Post
Might be one of them where they just say he's gone but not tell us why
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"If we vote out, thatís it.

"It is irreversible.

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Shame we didn't get to know the real reason for his departure. He obviously wasn't kicked out because they would have said. I think it was about mental issues if I am honest. He had issues. Lets face it he did nothing wrong tonight...he scrubbed the kitchen..he made beds for people he was happy to clean. Likeable guy really but he didn't make it easy for himself. He was sociably unaware and that was his issue.
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