Big Brother 18 [Summer 2017] BB18 UK was shown on Channel 5 in June and July 2017, and was won by Isabelle with Raph second. Discuss the series here.

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And I Oop
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Default If Kayleigh had been there...

Would it have escalated to something even worse/more serious?

Reminds me of how Alexandra was ejected before FN2
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Her to stab all the housemates?



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tha don't make no cents
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She'd have probably hit Chan or Iss

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She'd hit Chanelle AND Isabelle and brand them stupid cawnts
Originally Posted by montblanc View Post
weird ass british language
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I think a few of the housemates would have ended up in hospital

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oh fack off
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I wish she'd have been there

Another week with her and Lotan and I think we'd have seen the biggest fight in British reality TV history, at least this show would've gone out with a bang
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Can I get a witness?
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She would probably be in the corner calling everyone *****s as per usual. Doubt much would have changed except for another irritating voice

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She'd have shouted "silly cant" "stupid facking cant" "silly stupid facking cant" whilst knifing them all repeatedly
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She'd have slapped a few four letters in there, maybe a cheeky ****ing if we she was vining it and definitely smacked the sisters

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