The Clique New forum game - starts on Saturday.

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Default Keep applying for The Clique

Applications are still open for late entrants. Simply u2u me this application:

Why would you be perfect for The Clique?: [in as many words as you would like]

[The following information is needed for tasks]
Favourite Television show:
Favourite Film:
Favourite Music Artist/Band:
Other Likes: [name five]
Dislikes: [name five]

Rate yourself out of 10, 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest on these following traits:
How intelligent are you?
How beautiful/good looking are you?
How charismatic are you?
How competitive are you?
How Machiavellian [cunning/deceit/gameplay] are you?
How much star quality do you have?
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applying, clique

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