CBB12 Celebrity Big Brother 12 started 22nd August 2013 and was won by Charlotte Crosby.

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Default charlotte slyly starting Abz bitch session

Shes done it three times already, give a vague complimentary comment about a hm she feels is a rival to carol and let caol do the heavy work of bitching. Did it about abz "oh we are getting on a bit better now..." and let carol n vicky do the biting

Charlotte has done this about louis and lauren, charlotte's canny. Mario, vicki and carol aren't threats.

She *knows* her only competition is lauren and abz. Lauren because she has pulked focus and matched Charlotte for At ( Charlotte's boob flashing was a plea for air time, she was saying 'top that Lauren' so lauren upstaged her by throwing the award. Abz is the polar opposite, mr chilled out, mr nice, mr not getting drunk. He'll appeal to those sick of Charlotte's coarseness.
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yes indeed she is a sly pig
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BB13: Deana

Well, Charlotte's slagging could be construed as gameplaying. (and if so that's ok by me)

But even if it is, she's made so many poor strategic decisions over the course of the series, she deserves to come out with little credit in that department. (or others)
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