Celebrity Big Brother 2014 [CBB 14] Celebrity Big Brother 2014 (CBB14) was shown in August and September 2014, and was won by Gary Busey. Discuss the series and housemates here.

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Default CBB Daily Update [Day 1]

· 14 new celebrity Housemates are moving into the famous Big Brother House:

o Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan

o Audley Harrison

o Claire King

o David McIntosh

o Edele Lynch

o Gary Busey

o George Gilbey

o James Jordan

o Kellie Maloney

o Lauren Goodger

o Leslie Jordan

o Ricci Guarnaccio

o Stephanie Pratt

o Deidre Kelly AKA “White Dee”

· After the first four celebrity housemates Dee, James, Claire and David, have entered the Big Brother house, Dee is called to the Diary Room. Big Brother ask her if she’s ever wondered what it would feel like to be Royal, to which she responds “No, not really”. Big Brother then reveals that, as part of a secret mission, she must convince some of the Housemates that she is “Deidre, the Duchess of Solihull” Dee then leaves the House for a makeover, and will re-enter the House as the last Housemate.

· After most of the new Housemates have arrived, Big Brother gathers them on the sofa and let’s them in on Dee’s secret mission. The housemates see Dee undergoing her make over and learn that they must convince the final 3 US based Housemates yet to arrive, that she is Royalty. If they pass, they will continue to live on the finest food and wine, but if they fail they will live like paupers. David jokes, “It’s not hard to trick Americans!”

· The final housemates continue to enter – Frenchy, Leslie and when Gary arrives he struggles to hear what the Housemates are saying, mistaking Audley for “Orgy” and Edele for “E-jel”. He also fails to recognise Frenchy, who he knows from the LA scene. Lauren says that they’re all together as a team and Gary explains to the group that the word stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

· The last person to arrive in the House is Dee as “The Duchess of Solihull”. The other Housemates try to convince the US residents that she is 21st in line for the throne. Edele explains that Dee is Royalty, to which Gary responds, “Ladies, I’ve got news for you…we’re all Royal here!”

· Dee and James discuss Audley and she jokes, “I’d have a little spar with him!” They then discuss the American Housemates and James admits he doesn’t recognise Frenchy but adds, “All I see is her pink knickers when she sits down”

· Leslie and Kellie inspect the pool and discuss their ages when Dee joins them to smoke a cigarette. Kellie tells Dee “I wanted to transition very privately…I’m a very private person…Tonight, an hour before I came in here, I was ‘I can’t do this’ I cracked, I was crying” Dee agrees saying, “We’re just normal people…this is the thing that’s going to put you on the map as Kellie…This is your new start.”

· George brings Frenchy a top as she is cold and she admits, “I only wear pink…My car is pink, everything, everything, everything” George jokes, “Your eyelashes aren’t!”

· Claire talks to Leslie about The Duchess of Solihull and admits she knows some of the family through horses and her charity work. Leslie ponders how Big Brother managed to approach her and Claire suggests that “ratings will go through the roof!”

· Gary introduces himself to the Duchess and says, “It’s a very respectful honour to meet you” Dee admits that she’s “a bit of an outcast” and doesn’t conform to the Royal rules, adding that Big Brother “is like a cheap rehab”, which amuses Gary who says, “I like the way you think!”

· Frenchy tells Dee that she’s struggling to pronounce her name. Dee says she may address her as “Your Grace”

· Claire asks Frenchy why she is in the show and she suggests it’s because she likes to get naked and “I’m plastic fantastic!” Gary turns to Dee and says that he and Leslie are going to build her a throne.

· Lauren and Ricci speak to Edele about B*witched and Lauren admits, “I was a young fan” to which Edele replies, “That just means I’m old!”

· Leslie speaks to Big Brother and admits the evening has been “overwhelming” and “awkward” and says, “I really enjoy Frenchy…I really, really love Stephanie, I’m enthralled with the Duchess…I’ve met a lot of ‘Royalty’ not real Royalty though” He then discusses Gary and says he has an “amazing brain, its probably his blessing and his curse, you don’t know where he’s headed but he’s on his best behaviour”

· Lauren asks Ricci if she has a wet bum and asks him to “feel it” which he does, Audley then shouts across the room “Find the bedroom!”

· Dee is called to the Diary Room and told she has to share some Royal anecdotes with the American Housemates:

o She must tells Leslie that she got so drunk at Will and Kate’s wedding that she was dragged out and accidently put in the newlyweds Aston Martin instead of her own car

o Next, she must convince Frenchy that she accidentally shot a swan while out hunting and had to hide it from Prince Philip

· Claire and Gary talk about the experience and he jokes, “Nothing’s hard for me…apart from one thing... and you can use your imagination”

· James talks to Gary about his career. Gary says that he saw Patrick Swayze’s spirit “He came through me the other day...I’ve been to the other side, after my I have a connection to that spiritual world”

· In the bedroom, the celebrity Housemates are surprised to see that there are no single beds. George helps Duchess Deidre unpack her trunk.

· Dee is letting her hair down in the kitchen and wonders if she only has to play the Duchess in front of the Americans. The other Housemates advise her to not give the game away.

· Stephanie jokes to the group “Can we all put bets on how long it will take Lauren and Ricci to hook up?” Everyone agrees and Edele observes that “Lauren is quite flirtatious when she’s drunk”

· Lauren and George are in the kitchen, Lauren observes that David is “hot” but then asks George if she looks ugly to which he replies “No, you never look ugly” Lauren then pleads “I want to be sober now”, and George responds, “I want to be as drunk as you!” They laugh and hug as Lauren says “I’m so glad you’re here”

· Ricci and Dee reflect on their first night and she observes that “George is making a move on Lauren”

· James talks to Big Brother and says, “People I didn’t think I’d get on with, I seem to like more than others” He admits when Frenchy walked in he thought “Oh my God! What is this?” but now thinks she is “adorable”. He then goes on to say that David and Ricci are both “trying too hard”

· All the Housemates are in the bedroom making noise. Gary wakes up and looks around to “Shh” people before falling back to sleep
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TiBB Frontpage Article
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Default News article - Daily Update [Day 1]

Josy has posted a new TiBB frontpage article.

Article contains spoilers from tonight's (Thursday 14th August) highlights show.

Here are the details of what happened in the house yesterday...

· 14 new celebrity Housemates are moving into the famous Big Brother House:

o Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan

o Audley Harrison

o Claire King

o David McIntosh

o Edele Lynch

o Gary Busey

o George Gilbey

o James Jordan

o Kellie.....
Excerpt of article quoted above. Read full article here -
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