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TiBB Frontpage Article
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Default News article - Daily Update [Day 11]

Josy has posted a new TiBB frontpage article.

Article contains spoilers from tonight's (Friday 28th August) highlights and eviction show.

Here are the details of what happened in the house yesterday...

* It’s the morning after the face to face nominations.

* George has been thinking about why James received boos from the crowd on the evening of the first eviction......
Excerpt of article quoted above. Read full article here -
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* It’s the morning after the face to face nominations.

* George has been thinking about why James received boos from the crowd on the evening of the first eviction. George says that it might be because he appears to be condescending because he is used to speaking slowly to his wife whose first language is not English. Kellie says that he is too aggressive and that she was intimidated by him at first. James replies that he has always had this problem where even when he is having a normal conversation he comes across as stern and aggressive and says he can’t help his face. George further says that because he speaks slower and is sure of himself it comes across as cocky.

* Leslie talks about James to Big Brother and says that he has a ‘really vicious way.’ He adds that James makes out he is kidding when he’s not and it hurts people’s feelings. Leslie says the public must see that and that’s why he was booed. Leslie says: ‘Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one but sometimes it’s better to keep them to yourself.’

* Kellie talks to James and George about her disagreement with Audley. Kellie said she asked to leave again last night and James asks her why she would do that. Kellie says that she should have been told that Audley had a ‘phobia about trans-people.’ James says: ‘I don’t think that is the case babe.’ Kellie says: ‘I was Audley’s biggest enemy in the outside world; I set out to bring him down totally in boxing. Audley tolerates me, he doesn’t accept me.’

* Audley asks Kellie if they can have a chat as Kellie didn’t want to talk yesterday. Kellie says that she thought Audley was a man and she would have preferred Audley to tell her straight away that she made him feel uncomfortable. Audley explains again that he needs more time to adjust as he has known Kellie as Frank for so long. Audley ends by saying: ‘If you can’t get past it, you can’t get past it.’ Kellie starts to cry and they have a hug.

* Audley talks to Dee about his chat with Kellie and Dee says: ‘I know exactly how you meant it; it just came out a bit wrong.’ Audley says: ‘I own it, I apologise.’ He points out that for the other Housemates there is no adjustment to be made with regards to Kellie as they didn’t know her as Frank. Audley says: ‘I have to accept and I have to adjust, I just didn’t say it right.’

* Gary proclaims to George and James: ‘This is a new day and a new way of life for me.’ He thanks them for giving him the love to help him to change. George says: ‘Thanks for being so honest.’

* Edele teaches Gary how to wash up. Gary seems to enjoy the tutorial and says: ‘Wow.’

* Audley talks to Stephanie about her heated exchange with Gary during the face to face nominations. He tells her she is going to look mean. He further explains that Gary is an old man trying to adjust and that the average person is not a germaphobe and that it is extreme so most people are going to think ‘what’s her problem?’ Stephanie says: ‘Peeing in the shower?’ Audley says if you stand over someone and shout they will be perceived as the victim and that you will be the aggressor.

* Stephanie and Gary share an awkward silence in the kitchen when she goes to get water.

* Stephanie walks straight past Leslie as he is flossing his teeth. He says: ‘She didn’t even see me, constant drama!’

* Stephanie talks to Dee and Edele about the advice given to her by Audley and that he said she was yelling at a helpless old man. Lauren says: ‘I know the Gary thing is hard but you need to get involved with us and have a drink. Stephanie says: ‘If I have a drink, I’ll cry.’

* Housemates are rewarded with a dinner treat - pizzas. Dee tells Gary to use forks and not his hands on the food so Stephanie won’t get upset.

* Gary surprises everyone by wiping the surfaces down in the kitchen and Stephanie says: ‘Thank you Gary.’ Gary says: ‘I love to clean up now I know how important it is.’ George and James tell Stephanie that he bathed himself today and he washed his shirts. George jokes with Stephanie if she has ever thought of working in an old people’s home. Gary comes over cracks a joke about germs being from Germany and they all laugh.

* George pretends to canoodle with Edele in the garden to make Stephanie jealous but then tells Stephanie: ‘It’s your turn.’ George and Stephanie lie on a sun bed and she tells him: ‘I love you, gorgeous George.’ George says: ‘I love you, Edele was just a fling.’

* Big Brother plays music into the house and the Housemates have a dance.

* Gary talks to Frenchy about the impending eviction. Frenchy says: ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ Frenchy tells him that she is a French pussycat and they meow at each other.

* Edele talks to George about his blossoming relationship with Stephanie. George says that he likes Stephanie more than she likes him and that all of his girlfriends have been beautiful. He says he cares about what Stephanie thinks and he doesn’t just want to ***** her as he ‘doesn’t want any of this quick stuff anymore.’

* James is in a mischievous mood and jumps out at Stephanie to scare her.

* Kellie tells Dee that she want to go tonight and doesn’t see the benefit of staying and that she wants to ‘go outside and face it.’

* Stephanie pulls out a tiny black dress and says she bought it into the house in case there were any hot guys. Leslie and James tell Stephanie to don the black dress and heels and walk through the kitchen past George, not speak to anyone, get a drink and just say ‘night George’ to see his reaction. She plays along and heads into the kitchen to a shocked open-mouthed George who says: ‘Don’t walk about like that, what’s the matter with you?’

* Later the Housemates are in the bedroom and want Stephanie to kiss George and chant ‘do it’ at them. Stephanie gives George a peck on the lips and then they turn their attentions to Ricci and Lauren and they have a little peck too. George exclaims: ‘Come on, let’s swap.’

* Kellie talks to Edele and says that she wants to leave. Edele says that one purpose of Kellie staying is to raise awareness and Kellie says: ‘I’ve done that.’ Lauren comes over and says that Kellie is being silly and weak and that she is stronger than that. Audley says goodnight to Kellie and they have another hug.
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So kellie will be saying in 10 mins she really wants to stay.
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