CBB14 Celebrity Big Brother 2014 (CBB14) was shown in August and September 2014, and was won by Gary Busey. Discuss the series and housemates here.

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Default CBB Daily Update [Day 12]

* It’s the day of the second live eviction and it’s on everyone’s mind. Dee says that she thinks that two Housemates will leave the house and James says: ‘That’s not good odds.’ James further says that Leslie said to him that he won’t go as the public voted him as the most entertaining. George says that if he goes he’s going to send hate mail to Dee and Claire.

* Kellie goes to the Diary Room and tells the public not to punish Audley for his remarks that he has forgiven him and so should they. Kellie says there is no room in the human heart for bitterness.

* James tells Claire and Dee that he thinks that Edele and Ricci would make a nice couple. Claire says: ‘No, she’s too mature.’ Dee says that it might be too soon for Edele to get into another relationship and that Ricci regresses when he’s had a drink.

* Kellie asks the other Housemates if she will be a lesbian if she has a relationship with a woman after her operation. James and Dee tell her that if she is legally a woman then yes she will be, if she has a relationship with a man then she will be heterosexual. Kellie says that she has never been with a man.

* Kellie says that if she stays tonight then the public must like her as she will then have been saved twice.

* James and Gary have a face-off.

* Audley jokingly chants ‘Get Stephanie out.’ She takes this very seriously and says he is being passive aggressive towards her and has been an ‘a**hole’ to her since Wednesday. Audley tells her she is being rude when she sarcastically comments that his kids will be really proud of him.

* The row between Audley and Stephanie is the talk of the house. George says to Edele that he’s not getting involved and that Stephanie is ‘a big girl.’ He says that when she tries to protect herself she makes things into a big deal, he says: ‘That when me and her wouldn’t get on.’

* Audley talks to Dee and Gary about his row with Stephanie and he calls her ‘spoilt.’ Dee supports Audley as Stephanie brought his children into the argument and she says that Stephanie used ‘a bad choice of words.’ Audley said he just let it go as he didn’t want to be the aggressor with Stephanie. He calls the situation with Stephanie: ‘A cold hearted business.’

* James and Edele are throwing cushions and Edele hits Gary and spills his coffee. He says that she did it on purpose and Edele says she didn’t, she apologises. She says his jeans are now dirty and Gary jokes: ‘There wasn’t a spot on them!’

* Stephanie is taken to the Diary Room and spoken to regarding her choice of words to Gary. She says that his behaviour and her germaphobia made her use those words but in the end she says: ‘Got it.’

* Claire acts as the chat show host for the next task ‘Big Dummies.’ This task sees some of the Housemates split into ventriloquist artists and dummies.

Frenchy is James’ dummy
Stephanie is Leslie’s dummy
Gary is George’s dummy

* George’s Gary impression is excellent and the group laugh. At the end of the task the rest of the Housemates get to ask questions and Kellie asks Stephanie why she called Audley a passive aggressive pr*ck. Leslie finds it difficult to answer this for Stephanie and Stephanie looks frustrated. James decides to defend Stephanie and asks Kellie (in his Frenchy voice) why Kellie always runs to the diary room when she gets nominated and cries to get the sympathy vote and why she keeps saying she’s going to walk and never does. Kellie asks Frenchy to ask her puppet master why he is so arrogant and always wants to be top dog.

* After the task, Stephanie confronts Kellie and asks if she has anything she wants to say to her. Kellie says it was just a question. Stephanie says that Kellie is trying to ‘stir ****.’ Stephanie adds: ‘Frank is back.’ Kellie walks towards Audley and Audley remarks: ‘Don’t even waste your time.’ Kellie says: ‘She’s off her head.’

* James tells Stephanie that after Kellie picked on her he wanted to give Kellie ‘a taste of her own medicine.’ Stephanie says that she has always had Kellie’s back so doesn’t understand why Kellie asked her the question.

* Kellie says to George: ‘I’ve made another enemy.’ George tries to explain that Stephanie thought that it was all over this morning and so was surprised Kellie brought it up again.

* Audley tells James that what he said to Kellie is the sort of behaviour that gets him booed. James says he is the sort of person who will always defend a ‘friend.’ Audley points out that she is not his friend and he has just met her.

* Stephanie says to Kellie that she must have know that the question was going to start a fight and Kellie says that it was just a question and that she has no problem with her. James accuses Kellie of ‘stirring the pot.’ James again says that Kellie always says she wants to go home and Kellie tells him that she has changed her mind now and now wants to stay and ‘have a bit of competition.’

* James asks Edele if she thinks he was wrong and she says that you pick your battles and he picked his, defending Stephanie.

* Audley talks to Kellie and repeats that Stephanie is not James’ friend and that he has just met her. Audley says that James isn’t displaying any ‘intellect’ and that he needs to chill out. James comes over and says to Audley: ‘Just because you haven’t got the balls to stand up for what you believe in.’ Some of the Housemates mock boo James.

* George talks to Big Brother about the row between Stephanie and Audley and says that Kellie’s question ‘re-ignited’ something that had been ‘put to bed.’ He says that he respects James for telling the honest truth but he wishes that he would learn that sometimes it’s better to bite your lip. He says he doesn’t think that Audley is being passive aggressive and that James does come across as arrogant.

* Edele and Dee talk about the changes in the house and Edele says that things have changed since David went and will change again tonight after the second eviction. They also talk about the row between Stephanie and Audley and Dee says: ‘I love Kell but James is kind of right.’ Edele points out that the Housemates shouldn’t be shocked by the actions of other Housemates as they have only known them for twelve days.

* Audley and Gary are sitting by the pool and Audley says that it is ‘a perfect day for an eviction.’ Gary prefers the word release to evict but in the end they both settle for ‘a perfect day for a new beginning.’ George joins them and they talk about who will leave the house, Audley says: ‘I’m ready.’ George says: ‘I’m not being big headed but I don’t think I’ll go.’

* Kellie tells Lauren she looked really healthy yesterday but looks tired today.

* The Housemates ready themselves for the eviction and Leslie says to Lauren that he doesn’t think he will go as the public voted him the most entertaining and that they wouldn’t ‘turn on him’ so quickly. Turns out he’s wrong as when the time comes, Emma announces that Leslie is indeed the second celebrity to leave the Big Brother House.

* They remaining Housemates all toast ‘little Leslie.’

* Edele calls the experience in the house, ‘mental’ and says to Lauren that she will miss Leslie’s laugh and him talking to himself. Lauren tells Edele that she doesn’t want to mislead Ricci and Edele says: ‘He’s a good kid.’

* Big Brother asks Kellie in the Diary Room if she is surprised that Leslie went and she says: ‘Not really.’ She hopes that Leslie is ‘strong enough to pull himself through.’ Kellie says the boos she received have upset her and that maybe she does say she is going to leave too often and maybe the public don’t like that. She resolves to not say it again, be stronger and ‘hold it together.’

* Ricci tells Edele that he wants to give his parent grandchildren and Edele says that because he says this a lot he must be ready. She also tells him that when she was his age she was married with one child and that she thought it would be forever until something ‘catches you off guard.’ They both agree that everything happens for a reason and that they couldn’t live with regrets and Ricci says: ‘You live and learn.’ They flirt as they walk towards the bedroom, say goodnight and go to bed.

* George tells James and Frenchy that his favourite person in the house is James because he is so honest but there is someone else that he wants to do things with that he wouldn’t do with James. Frenchy asks George why he and Stephanie haven’t ‘*****ed’ yet and she tells him that twelve days in the Big Brother house is like dating for 6 months in real life. George brings Stephanie into the conversation and he asks her what she thinks of Frenchy’s theory and she says: ‘That’s why I love you.’ George is very pleased with this answer and hugs Stephanie before she goes to bed. George tells James that he doesn’t think things would work with Stephanie as he would feel that he was going to get ‘*****ed over.’ He says that he would like to ‘see’ her but each do their own thing but he does admit that he probably wouldn’t want to be with anyone else after he had slept with her.

* Frenchy tells Big brother that she thinks that the romance between Stephanie and George is fake because they don’t kiss or touch. She says: ‘I can tell it’s not real!’
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Default News article - Daily Update [Day 12]

Josy has posted a new TiBB frontpage article.

Article contains spoilers from tonight's (Saturday 30th August) highlights show.

Here are the details of what happened in the house yesterday...

* It’s the day of the second live eviction and it’s on everyone’s mind. Dee says that she thinks that two Housemates will leave the house and James says: ‘That’s not.....
Excerpt of article quoted above. Read full article here -
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