CBB14 Celebrity Big Brother 2014 (CBB14) was shown in August and September 2014, and was won by Gary Busey. Discuss the series and housemates here.

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Default CBB is the second most tweeted about TV show in the UK! (BB Comes 7th)

being beaten by The X Factor!

Take a look at the Top 10 most talked-about UK TV shows below:

1. The X Factor (ITV) 9.4m
2. Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5) 5.3m
3. Britain's Got Talent (ITV) 3.1m
4. Made in Chelsea (E4) 2.6m
5. I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (ITV) 2.6m
6. The Only Way is Essex (ITV2) 2.5m
7. Big Brother (Channel 5) 2.5m
8. Hollyoaks (Channel 4) 2.4m
9. EastEnders (BBC1) 2.3m
10. The Voice (BBC1) 2.1m

The X Factor has been named as the most tweeted-about UK TV show.

Simon Cowell's talent series generated 9.4 million posts on Twitter between June 2013 and May 2014, according to new research carried out by Kantar Media.

Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother finished in second place, but generated little more than half the amount of posts as The X Factor with 5.3 million.

Britain's Got Talent proved to be the third most talked-about series with 3.1 million tweets, while Made in Chelsea was the most discussed constructed reality series with 2.6 million.

The most recent series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! completed the top five with 2.6 million posts.

Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special 'The Day of the Doctor' was the most talked-about drama of the year, with a total of 501,000 tweets.

Meanwhile, Hollyoaks narrowly beat EastEnders in the soaps category.

Andy Brown, the global chief executive of Kantar Media, said that the social network has allowed the discussion of television to extend "outside the living room".

He added: "It is not as straightforward as assuming that a high number of viewers results in a large volume of tweets.

"Twitter-friendly shows that encourage tweets during the broadcast or have a younger, evangelical audience for example can punch above their weight, thereby distorting overall perceptions."

The study analysed 110 million TV-related tweets, but did not take into account news and live sport programmes.

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Lies spotted.

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Can I get a witness?
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BB7: Jayne


Ew @ all the basic shows above BB
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RPDR UK 2: Tayce
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the bake-off must have tonnes more than some of those

Originally Posted by Saph View Post
You're giving me a million reasons about a million reasons

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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
the bake-off must have tonnes more than some of those
Fans of that show are too busy eating.
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It's close between 8 & 4


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BB10: Bea
BB7: Lea
BB6: Makosi
BB5: Nadia


Imagine if Twitter had been existed during Big Brother UK's golden age.
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So the big brother one is about secrets & lies not power trip?
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