Celebrity Big Brother 2015 [CBB 15] Celebrity Big Brother 2015 (CBB15) was shown January 2015 on CH5, and the winner was Katie Price. Discuss the series here.

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TiBB Frontpage Article
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Default News article - Daily Update [Day 6 Spoilers]

James has posted a new TiBB frontpage article.

Article contains spoilers from tonight's (Tuesday 12th January 2015) Highlights show - to be shown at 9 PM on Channel 5.


The Housemates are told that Ken has been removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house and that that eviction on Tuesday is.....
Excerpt of article quoted above. Read full article here -
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The Housemates are told that Ken has been removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house and that that eviction on Tuesday is cancelled. All the Housemates are visibly shocked by the announcement. Chloe is especially relieved as she will no longer face the public vote and jumps on Cami Li to celebrate. Perez bursts into tears and when the Housemates ask him why, he tells them it’s because he is relieved and says: ‘I feel like a weight has been lifted off the house, I feel like we’re cancer free now.’

Katie is not happy with the news of Ken’s departure and tells Patsy why, she says: ‘Because the guy came into the house and Perez got rid of him.’ She also says that she doesn’t like to see people celebrate when people leave the house and adds: ‘The process should be that people get evicted by the public and not get censored out of here.’ She further comments that people are already self-censoring in the house and that it has become a flawed social experiment.

Nadia and Perez discuss Katie and Perez comments that Ken’s departure is Katie’s cue to take centre stage.

Katie, Chloe and Calum give Keith a bit of background on Perez and how he became famous and Katie comments that: ‘What you see is the sad demise of a raving lunatic.’

Nadia talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room and says that she is very relieved as she was considering leaving the house and says; ‘He was making me really ill.’ She also says she is relieved as she didn’t want her kids to see her crying. She also says that she wishes she was at home on my sofa watching the programme because she is usually really good at analysing the show but can’t now she’s so close to it. She also comments on the ‘bubbling tension’ between Katie and Perez and says that Katie is goading him as she desperately wants a row with him.

Perez lies on his bed alone saying thank you out loud repeatedly and then exclaims: ‘A happy Perez is better than an about to quit the show Perez.’

Alicia explains her daughter’s strict dietary regimen to Katie and Cami Li. Alicia explains that she keeps her daughter, who is three, to a vegetarian diet most times unless she specifically asks for meat. As Alicia does not give her daughter sugar either, Cami Li asks her what happens when she is invited to a birthday party and Alicia says that she won’t be going to birthday parties unless the parents specifically catered for her daughter’s diet. Katie comments that if Alicia said that to her, she wouldn’t be invited to the party and says that she avoids ‘weirdo mums’ at all costs.

Alicia gets two bananas from the store room and hides them under her bed. Michelle sees her do this and tells the others. Katie, Cami Li and Chloe go and try and find them but can’t so the group talk out loud about banana allocation and shame Alicia into confessing her fruity sin and Katie says; ‘That’s not going to work babe.’ Alicia then returns the bananas to the group and Calum offers Alicia his banana instead. Katie is still not satisfied and Alicia says: ‘For *****’s sake, keep the banana.’

Alexander comments to Kavana and Calum that the house needs a villain and that they should help that along.

Cami Li brings up the bananas again to Alicia and Alicia says she doesn’t want to talk about it again. Alexander changes the subject by telling Alicia that she doesn’t look old enough to have a nineteen year old daughter, Cami Li then asks her what age she was when she had her and Alicia says: ‘Very young!’ She is obviously not happy about the age enquiry.

Perez talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room and says that Katie is pushing everyone in the house, especially Alicia and that she will take Ken’s leaving as an opportunity to take centre stage.

Alicia feels a little ganged up on after ‘banana-gate’, as Katie calls it, and she cries and is comforted by Nadia.

Michelle tells Cami Li and Chloe about the fact that Alicia was addicted to plastic surgery and had to seek help for it and that she has since had all of her implants taken out. Cami Li doesn’t believe this and says; ‘Her ass is fake!’ Katie says that ‘banana-gate’ is the most fun she has had in the house and calls Alicia a ‘dilbert.’

Alicia talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room and says that it seems to be her turn for the ‘alpha-females’ to poke at. She says there are a lot of egos in the house but picking on people is a low way of getting attention.

Cami Li asks Alexander for reassurance that she wasn’t being mean when she asked Alicia what age she was when she had her oldest daughter. Alexander says she wasn’t.

Nadia tells Cami Li that Alicia feels picked on so when Alicia comes out of the Diary Room, Cami Li gives her a hug. Alicia then apologies to Katie about the bananas and Katie hugs her too.
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