Big Brother 1 Chat about the first UK Big Brother from 2000... winner Craig Phillips, Anna Nolan, Nick Bateman and the other BB1 housemates

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Originally Posted by Jason. View Post

Anna looks great. As does Mel.
Yeah Anna looks better now then she did back then


Originally Posted by GiRTh View Post
You compare Jim Davidson to Nelson Mandela?
Originally Posted by Jesus. View Post
I know, how stupid? He's more like Gandhi.

Originally Posted by Isaiah 7:14 View Post

Katie Hopkins reveals epilepsy made her suicidal - and says she identifies as a MAN
Originally Posted by Livia View Post
Just because she is a giant cock, doesn't make her a man.
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And I Oop
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Here's Sada

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Originally Posted by Hayden View Post
"We are one with the goddess... and to her we shall return... like a drop of rain...

drop of rain"

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Fair play to some of them, most have successful businesses and have settled down. Anna has a column in the local Irish paper called the Herald and I think is still on Irish daytime TV, she's probably aged the best out of the women. Craig, aside from a few grey hairs, and Darren haven't changed a bit. Sada is definitely the most interesting case in terms of a life turn but she's married and has two kids so she's probably happy. Even Tom and Claire after their divorce seem on good terms as Claire did flower arrangements for Tom's Wedding.

I think Nicola and Caroline would have had negative effects from their BB1 experience.
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like the boys
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So did this photoshoot just never materialise or did I miss something

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Caggie and Nichola kicked off and it was cancelled?
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I canít believe this never materialised

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Did it actually happen Or ..?
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Put them in a house overnight for 2020 and show it on channel 4/more4

can only dream hahaha
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