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Originally Posted by Niamh. View Post
You should be glad that Perez is washing his kid in the shower and not the washing machine, surely?
that will be next

its not the pic that is creepy its him
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I saw my parents nude plenty of times, they were children of the 60's....i wish i hadn't, of course it's gross seeing adult normal bodies naked especially your parents when you are a kid, but i certainly don't consider it abuse! i just thought it was gross.

and i got really bored of my dad telling me the same story of his ass tattoo from his days in the navy over and over and over again.... (he thought it was so cool, sorry dad but hearing you tell the same story about how your navy buddies made you get a peace sign tattoo'd on your ass after losing a bet gets old after the 50th time)

I do like peace signs though... hmmm, coincidence???
Don't be afraid to be weak.

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