Big Brother 18 [Summer 2017] BB18 UK was shown on Channel 5 in June and July 2017, and was won by Isabelle with Raph second. Discuss the series here.

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all for the camera darlings
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Originally Posted by rusticgal View Post
Agree Jake...Sukhvinder saying he is like it on the outside too ( whatever that implied)...she said it about 4 times. Obviously they have issues.
Then at the end when they cuddled up he kept saying "if they lie about it tomorrow we will walk"...
So Sukhvinder hides the wine...not for herself...she hides it so she can bring it out like she did tonight and appease those in the pool. It's a bargaining tool to make her popular and to endear some of the housemates. She even said to Chantelle..."if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have it" show me respect and gratitude. She's deluded and it completely backfired. In the end when they cuddled up it was like it was everybody else's fault and they were the good guys...
She said it four times because she was drunk - bores or drunk people with a problem are known for repeating themselves - the same point over and over and over again until they pass out. That was all due too much plonk which is pathetic really. Suk seems like a really spoiled brat and terribly up herself.
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Of course its for the camera

Just like how they keep saying they aren't there for themselves but for the good of the world or whatever bollocks it was...thats for the cameras too. pretty decent gameplan tbf but I can't believe some viewers actually believe it. have seen a fair few posts on here along the lines of 'but the reason they are there for is amazing!!!111' and that They are there for the same reason everyone else is.
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I wasn't aware you could vote with your vagina. I'm so behind the times, I still use my phone
Originally Posted by Marsh. View Post
It's Big Brother, not Brexit. Adjust your seriousness accordingly.
In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. If the Remain campaign win two-thirds to one-third that ends it.
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Originally Posted by Drew. View Post
Am i the only one that found the arguments involving Imran and Sukh pretty hard to watch and not really that funny? It was so much more than just 2 random housemates arguing, the fact they're married and have children who are likely going to know about this. Sukh was completely out of order to Imran too, He looks mentally drained. The housemates themselves looked shocked
I totally agree Drew. I kept saying to myself 'The POOR man' She is a train wreck and made a spectacle of herself
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She is an absolute nightmare, she is coming across as quite unstable and quite a control freak, feel for Imran, seems decent but stuck in her shadow.
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