CBB19 Celebrity Big Brother January 2017 [CBB 19] [All Stars and New Stars] was won by Coleen Nolan.

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Default Favourite moments from each housemate?

Inspired by Mystic Mock's thread

Angie - Don't ever think you can argue over me, baby girl
Austin - WaterGate
Bianca - TV Channel task
Brandon - N/A
Calum - "Is that my mom?"
Chloe - Magically disappearing to film Geordie Shore
Coleen - The detox task
Speidi - Spencer's fury at being eternally nominated
James C - Refusing to wear the costume
James J - Going fishing
Jamie - Being sentenced to eviction
Jasmine - Frying her microphone
Jedward - Mediditating with Angie
Jessica - Being friends with Kim
Kim - A rat with scabs on his arse
Nicola - You are a no good, vile, ****ing scum of the earth, SHUT YOUR ****ING MOUTH
Ray J - The detox task, same as Coleen
Stacy - This is some bull **** (lasted for 13 seconds)


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Austin - WaterGate
Chloe - Being horny af to Calum
Speidi - Pissing off Kim
James C - the unicorn
James J - Pushing buttons of Austin & kim
Jasmine - Bitching in the diary room
Jedward - meditating or dumb blonde
Kim - chicken livered buggar, NICOLE
Nicola - what you said
Ray J - giving the ducks a grilling in the bath
Stacy - singing (at first, got sick of it after like day 5)
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