Celebrity Big Brother January 2018 [CBB 21] Posts about CBB 21 (dubbed Year of the Women). Discuss the housemates and series - which was won by Courtney Act - here.

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Yeah I liked it, would love another series like this 9 64.29%
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I didn’t really like it 3 21.43%
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Default Did you like this series’ “highbrow” approach?

CBB21 deffo had more of a serious, highbrow approach, but did you like it? Was it too boring for you or were you engaged in the conversations and debates etc?
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Stopped watching after G left
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I liked it and the change of pace was refreshing to say the least
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I didn't really. Highbrow is fine but for it to be a theme for an entire series sounds tedious, in the same way an entire series centered on conflict would be tedious. Balance is always important in enjoying series and it's why CBB17 and CBB4 tend to be the most popular CBBs for combining seriousness with being over-the-top. Compare the main characters in each of these series. In CBB4 you had Pete Burns who was effortlessly witty, hilarious, but also unexpectedly cutthroat. In CBB17 you had Tiffany, Gemma and Stephanie, three really over-the-top yet deeply troubled and complex individuals that always had the viewers fascinated as to what they'd do next. But then in CBB21 you had Ann and Shane J, two serious housemates with the difference being completely different politics and who typically filled the role of being PoVs for the show. There's nothing wrong with this but when it's the main thing of a series, there's not much for me to gain from it, especially compared to most other series.
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weird ass british language

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I don't like how they seemed to decide from the outset that highbrow conversation and entertaining drama are mutually exclusive, so no, not particularly

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CBB21: Rachel Johnson
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I liked it and would like another series similar, but housemate choice would need a bit of tweaking.
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approach, series’, “highbrow”

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