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waterhog waterhog is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 11,085
Default male suicide

don't try suicide wrightstuff debate 09.05.18
i am pot and kettle
poetry explains the wiring
the brain is a storm with no settle
malfunctioning always firing.
shocked at teachers roll
of course i understand care
but first and for most is parental control
off loading is a despair.
tuesdays metro is connected
don't care about ed but no queen knocking
why was mr lambert selected
and certain george had no blocking.
services not up to scratch
care should not be on rental
if not all lots we could catch
suicide is like me and just mental.

( great debate on wrightstuff this very morning 09.05.18 and felt compelled to add my 10 cents as been to rock bottom. with all due respect and i am not making any alligations as of legal reasons but when you are desperate and you have had enough suicide is a way out and this is why we all need to open up and talk. no shame if feeling low as the brain is like a machine and when it is overloaded it can not do a proper job and pressure just gets to great. if any politician was to read this i would ask them to do more for this matter as it is a life and death issue and it is shameful we don't treat it with the respect it deserves. thank you to the wrightstuff for highlighting this today. )
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male, suicide

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