Big Brother 2012 (series 13) Big Brother 13 started June 5th 2012 on Channel 5, and was won by Luke A. Discuss here.

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Default Were the Insiders the Better Game players?

Binge Watching BB13 Again for the 100th Time and i couldn't help notice that the Outsiders never played the game and tactically Nominated against the Insiders. Lydia kept going on about how the ''Three Boys'' Will nominate together and that her Group should get them out. However, on Nomination day most of the Outsiders Nominated differently. Lydia Back stabbed Deana Twice and Influenced Benedict's Nominations. She was the one most vocal about sticking together and she didn't even go through with it.

The Insiders, On the other Hand, All nominated Two of the Outsiders for the The First two weeks. Caroline was quite a Mastermind, Orchestrating Chris, Benedict and Lauren Being up.

If the Outsiders all played the Game, Who knows how the series would have played out.
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Yeah and thank god they stopped letting them talk about nominations because otherwise every week would have been Outsider vs Outsider
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Who was in each group I liked Sara Lauren and Luke A
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Maybe in the first couple of weeks when nomination discussion was allowed, however after that no. The only way you can be a good gameplayer is if you get the public to like you as it is the public who vote for you to win, and not one of the insiders really succeeded in that.
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Originally Posted by Lewismacfarlane View Post
Who was in each group I liked Sara Lauren and Luke A
Becky (Although she only became a 'proper' insider about week 7)
Luke S
Scott (Although he sometimes sat on the fence)
Shievonne (Again was a fence sitter for the first 4 weeks)

Deana (Although she only became a proper outsider around midway through, before then she hadn't been accepted by either side)
Luke A
Sara ish (Again was more of a fence sitter however by the end leaned towards the outsiders)
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They weren't the 'better' game players. After Lydia left the insiders were the 'only' game players.

Anyway I thought they were complete **** at playing the game. Every one of them only tried at what would aid them in nominations without thinking about the public's views. They were all idiotic in varying ways. Conor was too obsessed and bitchy about Deana to ever really do anything, Caroline succeeded at a few things but she knew she'd be out when she was (FINALLY) up in week 8 (wtf), Ashleigh never really thought about anything besides showmancing and Luke S was the puppet to someone who never thought about anything (<3), Arron was out early enough to not succeed at much and as for Becky I think she may just be the most idiotic housemate of all time. Constantly acting for the cameras like the ACTRESSSS she is and betraying the outsiders in favour of Conor who was trying to get the silly bitch nominated made her completely asinine and possibly the worst game player ever
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weird ass british language

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