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Default A Junior Doctor has won her appeal against a ruling that she was struck off

To be fair
back in 2011 she was the top Junior Doctor
covering 6 full wards.

[Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was convicted
of gross negligence manslaughter
following the 2011 death of six-year-old
Jack Adcock from sepsis while
in her care at Leicester Royal Infirmary.]

A Tragic Case
I can understand
the mother's anger.........

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What were they thinking, leaving a trainee in charge of six wards, including a children's ward? While the blame doesn't fall solely on her, there are some troubling details:
Bawa-Garba did make mistakes, including failing to ask a consultant to review Jack’s condition during the afternoon handover meeting and confusing him with another patient causing her to briefly put a stop to CPR

She also failed to specify that the Enalapril medicine Jack took for his heart condition should be discontinued, and his mother gave him his evening dose at 7pm.

(apparently "boner" used to mean mistake, or something...)
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