CBB19 Celebrity Big Brother January 2017 [CBB 19] [All Stars and New Stars] was won by Coleen Nolan.

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I CAN'T at her Alesha Dixon cover.
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Originally Posted by Marsh. View Post

I'm fed up of it too. Anytime anything happens the interview where "XXX SPEAKS OUT!" inevitably becomes about the public reaction to what they did.

Yes, death threats and twatty online comments are not acceptable, but they're also not the topic at hand.
Yup, She went on TV to fake cry about how she's a victim. **** that emotional manipulation. Obviously the death threats are bad an unwarranted but she's using that to make people feel sorry for her **** instead of just owning her mistakes.

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She hasn't even said sorry to Kim or took ownership of what she did. She still can't see what she did was wrong. The mud slinging I get, Kim and Coleen dislike each other so insults are whatever. I didn't like how she and her vile sister rolled their eyes and tried to undermine Kim explaining her horrific upbringing, it was awful to see a grown woman cry as she tried to answer a question and have two creatures look down their nose at her.

Nobody in their right mind thinks its right to wish them death or say things about her deceased sister but it is impossible fpr me to feel sympathy for Coleen after she showed none for an obviously highly stressed Kim.
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Originally Posted by Epic. View Post
Don't shame people's weight thanks
I wouldn't shame anyones weight unless they were a Nolan sister
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