Big Brother 19 [Autumn 2018] Posts about BB19 UK. Discuss the housemates and series - which was won by Cameron - here.


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Kind of agree tbh.
He was kind of entertaining in the beginning with his diary room rants and when it looked as if the negativity was put on abit.However now we know this is really how he is and he’s getting more and more negative as the weeks go by it’s really very monotonous to watch.He’s melting down on camera.He is now draining the life out of the series.
He would have been much better remembered had he gone a couple of weeks ago.
They’re flogging a dead horse with him now.
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tha don't make no cents
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Originally Posted by Jules82 View Post
whoops double standards....
Well I'll take your word for it Jules, you'd have to know what double standards are when constantly defending Lewis.

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