The X Factor 2017 [S14] Series 14 in 2017 of ITV's music reality show, won by Rak-Su.

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Default Producers told judges to say Misha B was a bully.

From Gary's autobiography

"About half an hour before the show goes live, the producers would come in and and they'd go, 'Oh my God. That Misha. She's a bully. Can't believe it. She is such a bully. In fact, you know what? You should say it. You should say it on air. She's bullied everyone all week'," he continued.

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Stupid. Poor MB.
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They wrecked her chances just for a faux drama.. disgusting. smells like institutional racism to me
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BB19: Lewis F
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Originally Posted by Barry. View Post
Stupid. Poor MB.
I don't see where I factor into this but thanks


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