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Default Carole Vincent Defends Owen Jones

Don't necessarily want to politicise this thread, but had to share this as I came across this video on my timeline. Carole randomly appears around 2:20, lmao. Just heard a familiar voice and went back and recognised her instantly.

Just thought I'd share because I know there's been a lot of Carole content from members on here lately and people might want to know what she's up to.
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ahhhhhhhh legend Carole

“Silly, silly, silly little boys!”


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Not her STILL trying to control people out of the house


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No word of a lie, I bumped into her in Tesco in 2017 lol. She’s really nice. Apparently she looks after her grandkids after their mum died.. I don’t know if that’s her daughter or adoptive daughter. We spoke about things like Charley to politics. She had loads of badges on her.
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HOWLING at the police trying to figure out where to go but then get directed by her pointing "Let's go this way!"
Originally Posted by montblanc View Post
weird ass british language
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Originally Posted by Sullen Girl View Post
i hope we all die soon


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BBUSA22: Janelle


ahhhhh legend
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Gosh what an icon
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By calling them fascists Jones isn't defusing the situation, he's being part of the problem. Why doesn't he just call them picks or something along those lines instead? Because they're just picks like he is, both sides out to cause trouble and nothing more.
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