BB18 Big Brother 18 UK was shown on Channel 5 in June and July 2017, and was won by Isabelle with Raph second. Discuss the series here.

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Default One of the funniest series?

Sometimes I just think about HOW funny BB18 actually was I know all series have their funny moments and I know BB18 got dull in parts but when it was funny, it couldnít have been ANY funnier

Issy, Hannah, Debs, Arthur, Simone (underrated legend ), Sue, Sukhvinder were all screams at some point during their stay (Issy being the main), although the main main aka Chanelle would be in my top 5 for funniest ever, a TRUE classic and had me howling whenever I seen her

Are we girls in agreement? Xx
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I don't agree, but Chanelle, Hannah, Sukhvinder and to a lesser extent Sue were really funny housemates. I enjoyed Isabelle and Deborah but not because of them being particularly hilarious housemates. But I hated Arthur and especially Simone, they were partly examples of why I don't consider the series funny, because sometimes the housemates had cheap humor to them that anyone could do that wasn't natural. This was a huge issue I had with Ellie and Andrew as well, and Chanelle was self-confessed at doing cheap comedy.

It had its moments but I found 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, (unfortunately) 15, 17 and sometimes 3 funnier.
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The funniest series is BB8 imo


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BBUSA22: Janelle


I don't particularly remember any funny moments from it. I think BB17 was funnier.
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