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Default Jackson having a nervous breakdown, is off his meds and had a surprise visitor

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I mean the visitor is clearly the therapist because Jackson has soooooo many issues that make him such an irresponsible casting choice. He takes a significant amount of Xanx on a daily basis but he's cut off completely from it in the house, multiple women have expressed concern with how he talks to them and treats them to the point where Kathryn said today she doesn't feel safe, he clearly has some sort of eating disorder/body dysmorphia given his... relationship with food, he is openly breaking the Have Not rules and production is actually enabling and protecting him by cutting the feeds whenever people discuss the fact that he's clearly not in a good mental space and restocking the storage room with all the food he requested for when he's done being a Have Not, even though he hardly ever was one in the first place with how often he ate normal food and slept in places other than the HN Room.

Basically, he clearly needs help and like... get off my television screen and go see a therapist, you know? He should't have even been cast in the first place so this is just uncomfortable viewing.
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The Big Brother franchise needs to stop putting on Housemates that clearly aren't mentally ready to cope with the programme.
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He really shouldn't have been cast
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