BB19 Posts about Big Brother 19 UK. Discuss the housemates and series - which was won by Cameron - here.


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This is sooo shocking! It was not at all obvious that Lewis latched onto Cameron as part of his gameplan..not obvious at all. I still find it hilarious tbh that he was booted like, the day before the vote to win lines opened, because of his own vile mouth
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always cook meals, i did have chinese takeaways the year before the corona **** happened
but now not into takeaways anymore
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Did you get them delivered from Wuhan?
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I would just like to take a second to congratulate Vicky, for creating the first Tibb post that needed chapters and a bibliography.
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Yeah but where’s the Lewis G & Kay update?
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Not being funny but I had to turn off the video 2 mins in because he annoyed me with his boring ways. Mr. Charisma!

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So he's mates with King Hussain now?
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Lewis wasn't a good person in many ways, but on the show his desire to help a mate who was struggling with something seemed genuine. However, he has no right to discuss someone's mental health issues without their permission and there's no excuse for that. The guy is messed up and I mostly just feel pity towards him.

Cameron is an embarrassment to the LGBT community and has been ever since his hugely scripted coming out parade (did Lewis, Cian and Tomasz know what was going on? Perhaps, and the last two should do a bit of self-reflection if so). The lad was a far-right youtuber who had expressed anti-feminist and pro-Trump viewpoints prior to going into the house, and he actually did a coming-out video in 2018 if I remember right. He was young and everyone changes and grows, but if you're in the public eye you have to acknowledge this stuff - erasing your problematic past support for homophobic people and ideologies so you can Be Gay On TV, while eliding the fact you're already out to many people in your private life, really is pissing on the struggle of queerness. I hated it and him by the end. I know he later said his views had changed, but he was still rambling on about 'the evils of radical feminism' on a podcast as recently as last year, so y'know, no smoke without fire. I've gone back and forth with him in instagram DMs about it; he was terse, unwilling to discuss anything and accused me of being 'bitter about his success lol.

So yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of Lewis and his behaviour wasn't ok here, but to me he's just a screwed up bloke trying to erratically do the right thing, whereas Cameron seems to be actively manipulative and mainly interested in building a dishonest brand while advancing ideas which don't help the young queer people who look up to him.

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