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Default Britain is nation of litter louts, says Jeremy Paxman

Britain is a nation of litter louts and government efforts to tackle “the soul-destroying problem” are “utterly useless”, according to Jeremy Paxman, patron of the Clean Up Britain group.

Polluters, such as the makers of chewing gum and cigarettes, should be made to pay for a national campaign to change peoples’ behaviour, he will tell the UK’s largest waste and recycling conference on Thursday. The aim is to make littering as unacceptable as drunk driving, he says.

Posters showing pet animals harmed by rubbish and automatic number plate recognition to identify litter offenders at drive-through McDonald’s outlets are among the proposals made by Paxman, a longtime campaigner against litter.

Paxman, renowned as a fearsome news interviewer, blasts the government as “utterly useless” and the Keep Britain Tidy group as “even more useless”.
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he is the Patron to that group.

Litter louts are scum
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Why can't people throw things in a bin?

I support this move personally.
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not just Britain honestly, same here with us dutch

if there's not a garbage bin nearby where people sit, they just throw it on the ground

this happens at zoo's, beaches, theme parks

just too damn lazy to walk to a nearest garbage bin for your mess
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Ive seen litter just inches away from a litter bin , uncaring , thoughtlessness and laziness , one of my pet hates along with dog crap.

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