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Default What is your least favourite thing about your favourite political party?

I'm a labour supporter and my least favourite thing about Labour is Jeremy Corbyn.
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I'm Labour.
For me the seemingly obsession with indecision, it's all very well having conference decide issues and to help direct policy.
However, clouding and fudging issues irritate me greatly.

Mostly on policy, it's got right eventually and there's little on policy I disagree with.

I just wish the policy making structure was better handled and came across more professional.

Corbyn is not and never has been my choice of leader, policy however to me, is more important than personalities.
Corbyn has for me the better policies for the greater majority.
I don't think we'd have had some of the better ones had he not been leader.

Finally, yes, the antisemitism issue, being investigated independently now thank goodness.
However it should NEVER have even been allowed to come into existence in the Party.
So I look to this independent investigation to ensure any pockets of it are finally eradicated.
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Historical pedophillia.
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My least favourite thing about the Conservative party is Boris's haircut seriously its probably some of them seem quite disloyal

If I don't answer you I'm either living life or you are on my ignore list Ö.
RIP Pyramid, Andyman ,Kerry and Lex xx

"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, most people would be vegetarian"
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Same issue on all sides really.
Those who donít represent what their constituents voted for in the referendum
To be honest I donít trust any of them at the minute, and the behaviour from all sides is deplorable.
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