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Default Most forgettable housemate in every series?

Lol e never seen a thread like this before so here it is. Who in your opinion are the most forgettable housemates from every series. Forgettable can mean the housemate who contributed the least to the series, or a housemate that you don't immediately think of when you think of a series.

BB1: Andrew
BB2: Elizabeth
BB3: In general, Spencer probably, but I don't consider anyone in this series as "forgettable", even Sunita.
BB4: LOL almost everyone but Gos is definitely the worst.
BB5: Vanessa but then again this cast isn't "forgettable" as well.
BB6: Same with 5, probably Eugene even if I liked him
BB7: By default, Jonathan, he didn't even enter the main house. Besides him, probably Michael.
BB8: David
BB9: Maysoon
BB10: Tom (I even remember Isaac more even if she was in the house for a whopping two days).
BB11: JJ actually Laura, she was that forgettable that I didn't put her in my list initially.
BB12: Anton
BB13: Hard to choose since everyone played quite a role in the series, but Victoria by default for going first because she had evil eyes.
BB14: Sophie, girl was in until the last eviction before the finale but I still don't remember any stand-out moments from her.
BB15: Pav, how he got saved over Biannca baffles me.
BB16: Sarah
BB17: The other Jensen sister, Victoria, sometimes I even forget that she was even a housemate and that Emma just came in by herself.
BB18: Savannah
BB19: Ellis by default. If not her then Hussain probably.

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BB1: Thomas
BB2: Elizabeth
BB3: Spencer
BB4: Gos
BB5: Vanessa
BB6: Eugene
BB7: Jonathan
BB8: David (possibly most forgettable of all time, even his housemates forgot he existed when they were doing that play where they re-enacted everyone)
BB9: Maysoon
BB10: Beinazir
BB11: Laura
BB12: Maisy (poor series but actually one where none of the housemates were forgettable )
BB13: Victoria
BB14: Sophie
BB15: Tamara
BB16: I guess by default Kieran even though he was my fav of the 4in4out evictees
BB17: Victoria
BB18: Savannah
BB19: Sian (and don't @me to her rabid fans a.k.a. most of the forum who will inevitably say "Oh she was very popular here so she wasn't forgettable!" This reply is for people *I* would remember last when I think back on who was in each series and since I don't remember Sian doing anything that interested me, I included her).
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BB1: Tom
BB2: Dean
BB3: Sophie
BB5: Becki
BB6: Orlaith?
BB7: Jonathan
BB8: David
BB9: Maysoon
BB10: Tom
BB11: Laura
BB15: Tamara
BB17: Victoria
BB18: Savannah
BB19: Ellis


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BBUSA21: Kemi
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BB5- Shell
BB6- Eugene
BB7- Jonathan
BB8- Liam
BB9- Maysoon
BB10- Tom
BB12- Maisy
BB13- Adam
BB14- Sam
BB15- Pav
BB16- Keiran
BB17- Andrew
BB18- Savannah
BB19- Ellis

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CBB14: Frenchy
BB15: Pauline


evil eyes victoria was iconic

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BB18: Isabelle
CBB17: Gemma Collins

Victoria deserved better
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