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Default How far would the first evictees have lasted if they weren't evicted?

It's all in the title.

Sada: She already said that she wanted to leave so if she survived the first eviction, my best bet is that she would have walked soon after.

Penny: Nominated the following week and would have been evicted.

Lynne: Nominated by her housemates the following week since she was already getting on the nerves of a few and would have been evicted.

Anouska: First instance where I believe the first evictee would have gone far if she stayed. My best guess is that she would have joined the Week 8 evictees club.

Vanessa: Nominated and evicted the next time she waa up.

Mary: She would have either gone far (Week 6?) or walked a few days after. You never really knew whether Mary wanted to stay in the house or not.

Bonnie: Another housemate I really believe would have lasted long if she stayed. The public would start to like her personality. She would have been evicted in the Week 10/11 double evictions.

Shabnam: Evicted the next time she was up.

Stephanie: Another housemate who would have gone far if she wasn't evicted. Dare I say it she could have reached the final.

Beinazir: The hardest one to predict since we saw so little of her. My best bet is that she would have sailed through without nominations and be evicted on Day 65, the vote to save eviction, instead of Hira.

Rachael: Evicted the next time she was up.

Tashie: Public would have grown to like her but not many would bother saving her. Week 5.

Victoria: Evicted the next time she was up.

Sallie: She would have been the series underdog that Gina was. Have a feeling she would have been ejected though after going too far in an argument.

Tamara: Week 3 instead of Toya.

Adjoa: Evicted the next time she was up because of the British public.

Marco: Ejected

Mandy: Evicted on Week 4 when the whole house was up instead of Savannah.

Anamelia: Same with Tashie. Week 4 I bet.

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Bonnie would have gone really far had she survived the first week. I don't know how popular she'd have been with the viewing public but she definitely wouldn't be hated, and she would skate by without being nominated by her housemates. I think she would have been eliminated around the time we lost Susie.

Tamara might've gotten considerably further but she fell victim to Helen's immunity pass. I doubt she would have been anywhere close to a fan fave but she probably would have reached Week 5 or 6.

Stephanie would've lasted quite a bit longer considering she would have taken a quieter role amongst all the Mo/Rex/Dennis/Jennifer/Dale/Darnell drama. I think she would have skated by a few evictions but ultimately lost to someone more likeable around the time we lost Dale/Stuart.

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Sada - Evicted in either week 4, 5 or 6 depending on how popular Caroline/Nichola would be over her.
Penny - Evicted in week 5 over Bubble and/or Paul
Lynne - Evicted the following week
Anouska - I agree, week 8 evictee
Vanessa - In the original, Becki Judas Kissed Michelle because she hadn't made an immediate first impression and since Vanessa is more someone who gradually becomes talkative when you get to know her, chances are Becki would've went for her instead and she'd easily go over Marco/Nadia
Mary - If she doesn't walk, I actually think she'd last to at least the penultimate week! Every evictee after her left on a controversial note and/or was up against someone very popular with the audience and for an acting witch, she seemed much more clued on than most others there.
Bonnie - Out in best friends week I would say
Shabnam - Evicted the week after
Stephanie - Out over Stuart, yeah.
Beinazir - Yeah probably the VTS.
Rachael: A week 8 evictee legend<3 (who would lose against John James ).
Tashie - Out in the week 5-7 area.
Victoria - Out the week after against Arron and/or Chris
Sallie - With Gina gone, she'd be the only one that could take her place as the star of the series.
Tamara - Evicted over Jale
Adjoa - Almost all of the four that nominated her all eventually warmed up to her so I think she'd be in good standing with the house, but that would unfortunately make her prime for 4in4out chop .
Marco - He'd have gotten through the week after because of the Others being up, as messy as he was he definitely wasn't on the same outsider level as Andy/Evelyn/Georgina/Jayne were in the fourth week, and even if he was up in the fifth week, Charlie would still go. I think he'd be out at either the beginning of annihilation week where the housemates each vote off someone (would be close between him or Chelsea) and if not that, out at the end of annihilation week in the bottom 3 vote to save where housemates would pick him to be out.
Mandy - Out the week after in the vote to save.
Anamelia - Out in week 3 over Isaac or, if worse comes to worst, out in week 2 over the two Lewis'.
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rachael: won
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Sada: Evicted halfway through the series during the Evictee vs Craig phase
Penny: Out the week later most likely, if not the week after that.
Lynne: Evicted the next week
Vanessa: Probably evicted 2-3 weeks later?
Mary: Potentially would have walked if she stayed longer. If not, maybe evicted around the time Science and Kemal were?
Bonnie: I feel like she’d have gone the week after Jayne did? Post-Nikki Era at least
Shabnam: Evicted the next week instead of Seany I think
Stephanie: Evicted around the time Belinda was? (</3)
Beinazir: When Hira was evicted, as that was VTS.
Rachael: Had a chance of making it all the way to the end! Isabelle went on that arc from being disliked and then attacked the villain and look how that ended up
Tamara: I feel like she’d have gone far enough, last few weeks maybe?
Marco: Probably the week later, most likely out the back door as well
Mandy: Before the final in the way Hannah and Kieran were
Anamelia: 3rd week when Isaac went

(Obviously most of these are stabs in the dark as I have no idea what they would have been like if they stayed though)


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Not doing all

BB6 Mary: would have either walked or got to around week 7 or 8.

BB7 Bonnie: would have gone VERY far. At least Week 11 or 12.

BB8 Shabnam: sadly she would have been evicted around week 3

BB9 Stephanie: one of the biggest robberies ever. I actually think that she would have won the damn thing

BB14: Sallie: around week 3

BB19: Anamelia: around week 4 or 5 but I feel like she would have become very popular if she stayed long enough
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Bonnie - I'm not sure that Bonnie would've lasted more than a few weeks. She would've been an easy target for nominations, I think. I felt really sorry for her as she didn't fit in with the other housemates at all. She was an outcast. Lea and Glyn were the only ones that expressed that they liked her. Pete and Richard didn't seem to mind her, but had nothing in common with her. She was horribly mocked by George, Mikey and Sezer for lacking personality. She wasn't confident or pretty enough to get into Grace, Nikki and Imogen's group. Lisa didn't like her because she was quiet. Dawn and Shahbaz were the other outcasts of the series. I think possibly Aisleyne would've taken her under her wing as they seemed similar in some ways, but who knows.

Shabnam - I don't have very good memories of Shabnam. I remember that she was very erratic and seemed to have some issues. She seemed to be quite selfish and mean sometimes. Quite dim and not very considerate towards others. I don't think she would've lasted that much longer, or formed any strong bonds with other housemates.

Stephanie - I think she could've lasted quite a bit of time, possibly even towards the final. She didn't shy away from any conflict (Alexandra), and seemed to be well-liked by the other housemates. She also had a spoilt side to her, though.

Rachael - She actually seemed like quite a sweet person and had a lot of potential in the house. She got on well with them all apart from John James, if I recall correctly. Maybe like week 6 or 7?
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