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Originally Posted by Captain.Remy View Post
It's more obvious in those cases where a queen who did well in the challenge still went home because of track record. And then you'll have people complain that one of the top performers of the season (in that case Baga) didn't make the top 3. So it goes both ways really.
It was her second lipsync and she didn't perform that well during the whole competition while it was Baga's first lipsync and did well so far.

That episode was heartbreaking for Cheryl because she should have won, but in hindshight the top 3 was so good that Ru couldn't make another decision. tbh they should have had a top 4 just for Cherly doing so well in the makeover challenge, and her part in the rumix would have slapped!

I hope we get to see her in AS UK or international AS or something to give her another chance.
See with Baga I wouldnít have minded her missing F3 so much just because I donít recall enjoying a single one of her runways. Sure Cherylís were cheap and a bit messy but I could see the intention with them all and I think they were fun.

Sheís super deserving of a second shot, so yeah I do hope thereís an All Stars (preferably after UK4/5)
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Was all set up for a Viv, DDC, Baga top 3 from day dot anyway. Cheryl should've gone home before Blu. And Viv was clearly set up to win.

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