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Default Chanelle and Ziggy Threat to quit BB!

Big Brother housemate Chanelle Hayes has threatened to quit the show, and her paramour Ziggy Lichman has vowed to follow her......

continued here...


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O, please don't tantalise me!

I would be totally gutted if they left.

OR, perhaps I would be completely unmoved.

Oh, yeah, that's the one. Unmoved, unbothered, and unanything.

They are stars in their own firmament, and they can be just as interesting back in the oblivion from whence they came.
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I hope they do the media*****s
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Their just looking for attention. All the time their not up for eviction they will be there gurantee, their not stupid they know if they say this people are bound to give them sympathy.
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Always thought if any BB couple really did love each other and want to try a future together they would do just this and say screw the show.

That being said it really does look like a publicity stunt doesnt it.

Edit: Ok looking at the link looks like they both just want a good hard s**g . And what a ruddy liar Billi is, he said the fancied the twins most, not Channelle when they played truth or dare.
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*Fingers crossed they do*
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i hope they dont coz chanelle is just so sexy
and i look forward to cing her on my tv screen in skimpy shorts
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