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Originally Posted by Livia View Post
It's all comedy... until someone jokes about killing black people. Then Duker would have a sudden sense of humour failure.
Eh, I'd need to see a comedian make such a joke and measure the outrage to be sure of a double standard.

That said, the bloke who Obama hired to do his presidential portrait had previously painted black people brandishing the severed heads of white people - can you imagine if Trump hires a portrait artist with similarly violent racist works? But then, Obama's choice did get backlash, so maybe there isn't a double standard after all.

(apparently "boner" used to mean mistake, or something...)
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Gervais is also a believer in the Punch up vs punch down theory. When you make the same remarks about the same minorities day after day, then it stops becoming playful satire (if it ever was), and offers a view of an individuals actual opinions, masked under the guise of being subversive.


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So i wonder if this lady "comedien"

has a history of anti white "humour"|?
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Originally Posted by Dezzy View Post
Comedy is comedy, if you're tuning into a Frankie Boyle show, of all things, then you can't be offended by edgy humour because that's his entire shtick.
Yes he is good at that
tonight 10PM BBC2HD
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