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Default What's your job now and what's your dream job?

You say what your job is now and what your dream job is and what you're doing to get to your dream job.

I work in banking but my dream job is to be a writer and I'm doing a master's and writing to get there.
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used to work on a farm, unemployed now but do household chores mostly

my dream job, probably screenwriter/producer given my love for my made up movie ideas (i used to play out via playmobil/army/dinosaur toy collection i had, now i just have the ones i like most as decoration in my room)
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I don't think I ever had a dream job, my dream now is to retire early
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I'm an astronaut who wants to be a checkout girl
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Toy Soldier
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My current job I can't describe in any detail without making myself googlable so will just say it's office based 3rd sector, all from home at the moment but mostly remote for me pre-Covid anyway (option of home or office, I would check in for a day here and there). At the moment I'd best describe it as "trying not to fall asleep on zooms and trying not to get mad at people on MS Teams and also trying not to get mad at MS Teams, and mainly posting on TiBB instead".

My dream job I sort of flip and flop around, and that's the problem I suppose. I'd love to write and have been told I'm a good writer (obviously) but I don't have the discipline or committment to properly write anything longer than a short story, or create a cohesive and well developed lore. Maybe one day. I'm too scatterbrained and distracted.

I'd also love to do something tech-journalism-related because I'm a tech geek . Howeverrr any real progress in that area these days has a (heavy) visual media aspect and I'm not a performer, I hate being filmed AT ALL let alone for YouTube etc.

I'm happy enough where I am now and there's scope for progression so we'll see what happens I guess.

My old job, as you all know, was yelling at junkies. I was a pro.

Christ, I'm a sidewinder
I'm a California King.
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Current job is Project Manager in the shipping industry.
Dream job used to be a wildlife photographer, but now it's to retire early and move to Scotland in a glass house. I'm tired of adulthood and paying bills at 30 already
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